Frequently Answered Questions

1.What programs does HAA Basketball offer?

HAA Basketball is a member of the Nashoba Youth Basketball League and offers programs for children in Grades K-9, as well as in-town Adult Basketball. 

Program Details:

Grades K-2: Co-ed program that meets once a week for 1 hour on Saturday mornings in the HES gym. Children are assigned to a team at the beginning of the season and play against one of the other Havard K-2 teams each Satrday.  The hour format consists of  roughly 30 minutes of practice and instruction and 30 minutes of game time. Historically, we have group Kindergarten and 1st Grade together for the 1st hour (9-10am) and 2nd Graders are in the 2ns hour (10-11am).

Grades 3-6: Programs for these ages generally consist of 2 practices per week and 1 weekend game against teams in the Nashoba League. These teams are from nearby towns such as Bolton, Clinton, Stow, Lancaster, Boylston, Maynard and possibly a few other.  The groups are broken down as follows:

Boys 3rd/4th;  Girls 3rd/4th;  Boys 5th/6th;  Girls 5th/6th

Grades 7-9: This program consists of 1 night per week (Sunday) of pick-up basketball, in town from 6:30-8:30pm.

Adult Basketball: This co-ed program plays Monday and Thursday nights from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm at the Hildreth Elementary School gym. Starting the first full week of November and continuing through the last full week of March. A fee of $100 is required. This is pickup type play for men and women 18 or over.


2. When are practices and games?

K-2 : Practice is held for 30 mins before the games on Saturday mornings. K and 1st Grade go from 9-10am at HES. 2nd Grade goes from 10-11am at HES.

3rd-6th Grade:

Practices: We are not able to set a practice schedule until registration closes and we then know how many teams we will have. At that point, we then work around the 6 Bromfield School basketball teams, which take precedence in terms of court time. While we appreciate that families need time to plan things, this is the very best we can do. We cannot tell you which days your child will have practice until the numbers are set, but we can tell you that 3rd/4th will likely practice from 6:30-7:30pm one night a week and 5th/6th will likely practice from 7:30-8:30pm one night a week. It may work out that you end up with 2 weeknight practices or 1 weeknight and 1 weekend, but we cannot say for sure until the numbers and coaches are set.

Games: The game schedule is set by the Nashoba League so we have no control over that. 3rd/4th Games are held on Sunday afternoons. 5th/6th Games are held on Saturday afternoons. As soon as we are given the schedule we will share it with all teams.


3. Are there try-outs for the youth programs?

No. We welcome players of all abilities to join a youth basketball team. This is primarily a developmental program, designed to teach fundamental basketball skills and life-long lessons of team play and sportsmanship. We do conduct evaluations at the beginning of each season simply to create fair and balanced teams.


4. My child just wants to play at a casual level. Will this be too intense?

While all youth sports have a degree of competition, the Nashoba Valley League is structured primarily for development, not winning. Coaches endeavor to give players roughly equal playing time.


5. How will teams be formed?

Before the season begins, Harvard Youth Basketball leadership will conduct sessions inviting all registered players so that coaches and league coordinators can ensure that teams are fairly balanced. These are not tryouts.


6. My child wants to play on the same team as a friend. Can you accommodate special requests like that?

While parents may send special requests to their child’s league coordinator, the need for balanced teams is primary and we cannot always accommodate requests. Coordinator contact information is available at


7. What is the weather policy regarding snow and games/practices?

For those participants in Grades 3-6, the weather policy is set by the Nashoba League.  If the gym is open in the town where you are scheduled to play a game, then the game is on.  If you are uncomfortable driving or feel it is unsafe in any way, please just let your coach know and do not hesitate to skip the game.  We will do our very best to communicate in advance if there is a chance that a game or practice may be canceled.


8. Are there special considerations due to Covid for the 2021-2022 Season?

All participants in our youth program will be required to wear masks. This means that players, coaches, and spectators will all be expected to keep properly fitting masks on at all times while in the gyms and school. Additionally, those people who volunteer to coach in our youth program must be vaccinated.

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