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HBA Board Meeting Minutes - 8/28/2014
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Subject: HBA Board Meeting Minutes - 8/28/2014
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In attendence:
Matt Flanagan
Ed Frackiewicz
Tim Hendriks
Mike Reed
Steve Smith

Absent : None

Items Discussed
* Expansion of the Board. With Tom Aciukewicz retiring last year, there are 5 current Board members. Matt expressed that this was likely his last year participating in the youth programs though would help with the Adult program for a longer period. Ed expressed that he likely has 2 years left. The general consensus was that we should try to recruit new Board members from the pool of parents with children entering the younger youth programs. Place notice on website home page [9/4/2014 : DONE]

* Ed reported that we paid $2000 contribution to Harvard Schools for Bromfield floor refurbishing. Floor has been redone

* Ed reports balance of $17,195 for HBA as of 1/2014. From 1/2014 – 6/2014 we had expenses of $5131, not including previously mentioned $2000 floor contribution. Leaves HBA with a current balance of ~$10K. HBA ran at break-even to a slight loss for the period 9/2013 – present

* Ed reports that Yrs 2013-2014 had 211 registrants across all programs down from 233 in 2012-2013. There followed a long discussion regarding demographic trends and shrinking class sizes in younger grades. This led to a projection that we would be looking at a $1K-$2K loss for this upcoming season with projected enrollment and current fees

* This led to a discussion of program fees. Ed reported that last years programs had fees of:
$50 recreation
$105 travel
$90 adult
$5 discount for 2 or more kids [in rec. $15 discount for 2 or more in travel]

* Consenseus was to raise the fees by $10 for all programs. Ed reports this is first increase in fees in 10+years

* This year's registration promotion ideas :
Sandwich Board for Center Common – Tim will check with former Board member, Eric O'Brien, to see whether he is still in possession of a board. If not, Matt offered to construct a new board. Ed will get an associate to design the board.
E-mail blasts from HBA website to known e-mail list
PTO NewsFlash
Announcements in Harvard Press, Post, & Hillside
Steve volunteered to [have his wife] design and distribute a registration flyer at the schools

* Steve volunteered to assume HBA website administrative duties from former Board member Tom A. First task is to get registration programs setup for upcoming season [9/4/2014 : DONE]

* Ed shared details (via printouts) of upcoming Nashoba Youth Basketball season. Key dates are:
5th/6th & 7th/8th 9 game regular season is Saturdays Nov. 15 & 22, Dec. 6, 13, & 20, Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31 with playoffs on or leading upto Feb. 7th
3rd/4th 8 game regular season is Sundays Dec. 7, 14, & 21, Jan. 11, 18, & 25, Feb. 1 & 8
Fees are, again, $350 per team to cover officials
Need to have teams to league by 10/24

* We agreed to offer 3rd & 4th grade Travel team options this year for both Boys & Girls

* We agreed that we will require all 3-6th graders registering for Travel teams to also register for in-town recreation programs. Will be enforced during online registration process

* Programs for the upcoming season with fees and target coordinators:
1st & 2nd Grade Coed Rec. - $60 – Mike O'Neil (already volunteered)
3rd & 4th Grade Girls Rec. - $60 - ???
3rd & 4th Grade Boys Rec. - $60 – Mike Reed
5th & 6th Grade Girls Rec. - $60 - Bromfield Girls Varsity Coach
5th & 6th Grade Boys Rec. - $60 - Bromfield Boys Varsity Coach
3rd & 4th Grade Girls Travel - $115 - ???
3rd & 4th Grade Boys Travel - $115 - ???
5h & 6th Grade Girls Travel - $115 – Ed (Scott Kehoe & Ken Riddle Coach)
5th & 6th Grade Boys Travel - $115 - Steve
7th & 8th Grade Girls Travel - $115 - Ed
7th & 8th Grade Boys Travel - $115 – Matt
Adult - $100 - Matt

* Registration closes:
10/19 for Travel
12/6 for Rec.

* Rec. program starts 12/6 and plays 8 Saturdays until Feb. 7th for HES and Feb. 14th for Bromfield (due to lost week – likely 1/24 – for annual Snowball Dance). Follows same dates as NYL during that period

* Additional Roles & Responsibilities
Ed – Nashoba Liason, HAA Liason, Finances, Varsity coaches contact, Time keeper coordinator
Matt – Gym scheduling / Superintendent Liason, Facilities Liason (Tim & Mike to shadow these roles), Parent Liason
Steve – Webmaster
Mike – T-shirts (suggestion to investigate reversibles instead of T-shirts for Travel [instead of going through NYL] and possibly Rec.)

* We adjourned and tentatively set next meeting date for 9/25  
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